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3rd Colin Dunne Master classes in Prague are over...

14. 06. 2017 – Tereza Bachová

...and it was great weekend! We have to thank all of those dancers who came to learn and support this event!

Classes started on Saturday 10th June in the morning at 10 a.m. and lasted till 5 p.m. in the afternoon. Saturday was the day for soft shoe dancing for the groups Back to basics (dancers in levels Begginers and Primary) and Discover more (dancers Intermediate and Open level) where we were dancing combination for the reel steps. We did have a chance again to find easy flow in the movements and like Colin is saying:"to find pleasure in it".

There was a fun moment at the beggining of the class when we were welcoming the dancers and saying that we are delighted that Colin could come to Prague and that he accepted the invitation and Colin replied:"I invited pretty much myself" :-)

Sunday 11th June was filled with combinations for the hard shoe dancing and again for both levels. This day we were dancing steps and combinations to hornpipe rhythm.

In the evening there was last class of this weekend and it was improvisation which is very interesting part. It started as an sending of the clapping in the circle and than changing the direction of it or the speed of it among the group. Than Colin gave to the dancers just two simple step combinations, put the music on and for 16 bars the dancers could use these two combinations in any way they wanted, but nothing else. They were dancing in the circle one by one and try to listen to music and be on time and not get lost anywhere on the way :-) After this circle Colin added another step or little combination and than the dancers should continue in the same manner. For this evening the rhythm was jig and it was nice change after the whole weekend.

We also enjoyed very much the sayings such as - "Listen with your legs, they have ears and you have to use them"! or "Open your listening to music - hearing is not the same as listening".

We want to thank again for this lovely weekend, we thank Colin for coming to Prague and hope to see all of you at the same workshop again!

Tereza & Marie

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